Xtreme R/C Raceway

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Xtreme R/C is going to offer a new level of RC to the Middle Georgia area. We now have established a 1100’ off road track with almost every obstacle imaginable and have designed it to be technical to a level that will keep even the pros on the edge as well as a driver stand that is 15’ high and large enough to make driving/racing comfortable for any driver. Concessions will be available at big race events.

Xtreme R/C’s objective as a club is to have an organization to cater to every drivers needs, whether you’re a beginner or a pro this is going to be the organization to be in. Our goal is to make this a friendly family environment so that this hobby will grow and be successful in this area. This will also play a big role in helping the beginners that are just getting in the hobby to experience a new side other than just bashing as well as give the beginners knowledge of racing and their rc vehicle. We as a club will also be providing seminars on driving, set-up, motor tuning, suspension etc. and spending one on one time with the ones who want advice and training on the track. This is important considering the intimidation factor to the ones who have not been out racing. Come out and enjoy the fun and fellowship with Xtreme RC!!!

The Track


Rules and Guidelines

Xtreme R/C’s club members will at all times represent the club in a professional manner. Any one who fails to comply with the rules and guidelines are subject to dismissal and or black-flagged from Extreme RC. All incidents will be brought before the board/committee for discussion. Examples are as fallows: “NO” cursing, alcoholic beverages, illegal substance, fighting etc. This is a family environment and under no circumstance will we jeopardize our privilege nor our reputation as a club!


*Track Privilege
*Free Seminars (monthly)
*Free practice (open days)
*Discount Fuel (Byrons)